Girls Colonial Costumes

With Halloween approaching and school in full swing, parents and children alike start eying the costume wrack looking for the perfect outfit to wear on the holiday. Children, girls especially, love dressing up in costume regardless of what the occassion may be. For example, many schools have historical plays for which your child may need a colonial girl’s costume so if you buy her one for Halloween, she can wear it for both purposes. Fortunately, parents no longer need to worry about having to make their own colonial costumes when we have an entire website devotes to everything you’ll need for a truly historical girls colonial costume.

Colonial costumes are not only fun to wear, but they are also educational for the child wearing them. Girls who dress up as historic characters can play the part by learning facts about the character they’re portraying. For example, young children may not yet know the story of Betsy Ross, but will surely be attracted to beautiful stunning red, white and blue dress the costume includes. The child can then be encouraged to learn why her costume resembles the American flag. During trick or treating or any other Halloween event she attends, when asked who she’s dressed up as, she will be able to proudly state that she is Betsy Ross, the first women to ever create the American flag.

Many places host Halloween parties during the day for children to attend. The most common places that offer Halloween parties are often schools and churches. Because both these groups educate children of all ages, there can be a large age difference for those attending. In addition to this, many parties are family orientated, encouraging parents to bring infants and toddlers as well. Older children may think Halloween is a time to dress in the scariest costume possible, but these can extremely frightening to young children. Many young children already struggle with fears of monsters living under their bed or in their closet, and being taken to a place where there are dozens of monsters walking around freely will only increase their fears. Because of this, many family orientated places have banned the use of inappropriate scary costumes for children attending. With the majority of Halloween costumes marketed to be scary, this can be frustrating for young children. Many may not even want to attend for fear of looking stupid. But when girls colonial costumes are added to the picture, this will no longer be a problem.

With many colonial costumes being sold, every girl will be able to find one that appeals to her. Girly girls will love to dress up as a princess when wearing the girls royal highness costume. If she has a brother or sister who is trick or treating or attending a party with her, they can even dress up in a matching king or queen costume. Or, if you have a child who would prefer a more old fashion look, the there are multiple Martha Washington costumes to choose from. Are you planning a trip to New York or live around the city? Girls will get a kick out of dressing up as the Statue of Liberty. No matter what you’re planning this Halloween season, colonial costumes are sure to please any girl.

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